ROCKY ADVENTURE – One Chance to Potty, What’s it Going to be?

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Published: 02nd November 2012
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“I’ve got your ball!” Tim’s muffled cries challenged me to pursue. I did, and quickly overtook the small pup. We wrestled for a minute before the slippery pup managed to get free of my grasp. I may be bigger and faster, but he has a knack for getting out of a tight spot.

I already know the day is probably going to be a long one. Our companions left earlier, dressed up in their best (the old man had quite the hat on, making him look a lot taller than usual). There was plenty of discussion going on, involving a visiting group that brought over all the fancy clothing. This goes there. That goes where? Everyone was rushing around the apartment, just like they did down on the streets. Then they left in a flash, the old man barely spending a moment to tell me to be good while they were at the wedding. I wasn’t worried about going with them. After all, if they were going to be rushing around while having to wear all that hot clothing in the summer heat, I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

So that leaves just Tim and me all alone with a whole lot of rascally business to get into. Despite Tim’s regularly timid composure, he’s surprised me with his eagerness to check all the nooks and crannies for adventure. But since we’re limited to the relatively small apartment today, there’s really not much to do but play a few games.

Right now, an old torn up soccer ball is the toy to have, and with only one available, we’re going to have a competition to decide who gets it. Most of the patches have been pulled off, leaving little ruffles that are ideal for getting a good grip. Despite the rough condition, it is my very favorite of Tim’s wide selection of goodies. (He’s hidden a few, but I found them when he wasn’t looking). The best part is that when you tackle it, you end up rolling right over with it, almost as if it were wrestling back.

I lunge at the ball, taking a tumble as I roll over with it in my grasp. Tim lets go of his side, allowing me to take my prize and run.

That’s when I realize that in this morning’s rush and commotion, our companions had neglected to take Tim and I for “walkies” before they left. And when you’ve got to go, well there’s no time like right now. Wasting no time at all and completely forgetting the ball-competition, I rush to the door and look for the doggy door.

I’ve been so accustomed to my regular lifestyle, that when something you take for granted is completely unavailable, you’re more surprised than upset. Right now, I’m both. We’ve been having so much fun that I didn’t even realize the urge was sneaking up on me. That’s when I remember Tim’s potty spot. Strange as it may sound, he goes potty inside sometimes, just like the old man does.

“Stop!” Tim shouts as he jumped between me and the grass box. He eyed me suspiciously as though he were contemplating my plans. “What is it that you think you’re doing?” I rush back to the bathing room, where Tim keeps his grass. I nudge the door open with my nose and spot his facilities. It calls to me, and despite the fact that I’m not accustomed to going indoors, I’m pretty sure that if Tim can do it, then it’ll be alright if I do too. After all, I’m sure it’s better than a door mat to welcome the old man home.

“I’ve got to go.” I shrug innocently. “I’m just going to borrow it for a moment.”

“No!” Tim yelped. His expression had gone from suspicious to victorious as though he knew I needed something from him. “First, you must tell me that I’m the best ball-chaser in the world.” He nodded and added, “My box, my rules.”

I stared at him, confounded that he obviously didn’t understand the intensity of the situation. He just sat there between the grass box and me with a proud look on his face. Upwards his nose was turned and he was trying his best to look down at me by straightening up and arching his head high. Okay then. Two can play at that. I pattered directly over to the side of the bathtub and hiked my leg.

“Whoa! No!” Tim’s eyes went wide with surprise. He rushed over and started nudging me toward the grass box. “I was just messing with you. It was just a joke…don’t scare me like that again.”

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